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Creating a vaporizer isn’t easy, but choosing which vaporizer to buy, especially if you’re a newbie, can be totally confusing. As a company we could tell you all day long why you should choose us, and our reasons would really be genuine.

However we built the Grizzly GURU based on what people like yourself are looking for. It’s our users, our customers and our friends that make Grizzly Originals the company it’s become.

That’s why we encourage our customers to tell us their story, their thoughts. We believe you deserve to know all the pro’s and cons from professional Vaporists on the web that share their honest opinions about our little Grizzly we call the GURU.

We do this so people like yourself can evaluate the reviews, videos and decide whether the Grizzly GURU is the right choice for you. We already know the answer, but don’t take our word for it. Watch and read what others have to say below.

Video Reviews

The first true three in one vaporizer out there that lets you enjoy your products the way they were meant to be enjoyed! I highly recommend the Guru vaporizer!!


This thing is a Cloud Monster!

Wavy Vaporizers

This thing is very very Awesome. The only way to see that I'm not bullshitting is to try it out!

Wavy Vaporizers

Wow Big Clouds... What's better than that! A really exciting and unique product!

Namaste Kory

It's going to be a HIT! Obviously you can tell I'm addicted to it.

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Forum Reviews

fuck-combustion is one of the most popular forums in the vaporizer scene. Some of our first customers have been on the forum to talk openly about their first experiences with the Grizzly Guru. Head on over to read what others have to say click here

We opened a thread on Reddit for anyone with questions and Norizzlas wrote:
I’ve just bought ‘the guru’ as a back up to my ******, it is brilliant, lasts about 3 hours on one charge, very quick to recharge, easy to clean, brilliant on all types of materials, heats up really quickly, I can not praise it highly enough, love the accessories, great value for money, i am actually now using it just as much as my ******, highly recommended 🙂