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Grizzly Originals Glass 14mm Whip Water Tool Adapter

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Grizzly Originals Glass 14mm Whip Water Tool Adapter

This custom made glass water tool attachment fits snugly into most silicone whips included with the top vaporizers. Simply push the Grizzly Whip Water Tool Adapter into the end of your whip and press on any 14mm compatible water tool for a cool and thick vapor.

Please Note: This is the 14mm Ground Glass Adapter Piece. Click here to purchase the 14mm Water Tool.

Compatible with the included whips of the following Vaporizers:

  • 7th Floor Da Buddha Vaporizer (DBV)
  • 7th Floor Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV)
  • H. Aire H2.2
  • H. Aire Elite Digital
  • Arizer Extreme Q
  • Vapir Rise
  • Vaporfection ViVape
  • Vapor Brothers Vaporizer


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