Grizzly Originals 18mm Glass Water Tool

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Grizzly Originals 18mm Glass Water Tool

This is a custom made borosilicate glass water tool for use on your vaporizer. Water bubblers like this cool and moisten your vapor for gentle intake. The water tool can easily be added to any vaporizer with an 18mm OR 14mm to 18mm ground glass adapter. The 18mm water tool is composed of two glass pieces – a tall dry mouthpiece section which provides additional cooling and the shorter water bubbler component to add the additional moisture and filtration. These components connect via a ground glass connection to ensure a firm fit. Can be used with most of our vaporizers including DaVinci, 7th Floor, H.Aire, Haze, Vapir, Vaporfection, VapeXhale, Grizzly and MORE!


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