Although provides all purchasers a Warranty included in the sale of the Grizzly Guru, each customer has legal (statutory) rights under the laws relating to the country of purchase.

Within the warranty period, shall remedy defects to purchased devices bought through licensed retailers or at no extra charge, if necessary a new Grizzly Guru Vaporizer will be provided within this Warranty.

Your Warranty can only be claimed in the country of purchase, provided the retailer is a licensed dealer.

12 Month Warranty Period

The Grizzly Guru’s Warranty starts at the time of purchase (always include proof of purchase). The warranty includes all the following parts: Electronics, Heating Chamber, Adapters, and Craftsmanship. Batteries are subject to degradation and carry a warranty of 90 days after purchase. If you believe to have a unit with faulty batteries, please contact your place of purchase immediately in order to resolve the issue within the time permitted above. Any glass parts provided with the Grizzly Guru are not covered under this warranty. Damage to the vaporizer, including the small copper pins, which connect the adapters to the base unit as a result of misuse or negligent actions will not be covered.

Warranty Service

The warranty Period can’t be extended or otherwise subsequent to the resale of any item purchased either through or a licensed retailer. If your Grizzly Guru has been repaired or replaced you get a warranty period of 90 days or the remainder of your original warranty whichever is longer.

Warranty Service Authorization

Contact either your local dealer or our customer service team at support@ and apply for an Return Merchandise Authorization Ticket (RMA). Please do not send any devices without an RMA, we shall not accept these and the parcel will be returned at your cost. Your RMA number needs to be clear and readable on the side of the package or parcel.

For further details on how to make a claim simply send us a mail to support@
Please be aware that you are responsible for contacting your local licensed retailer or within the warranty period to make any claim.

In order to make a claim and use your limited warranty please be certain to provide us with the following:

The device or the broken adapter

Proof of purchase including purchase date and the seller information

Parts not covered by the warranty

Not included in the Warranty are the following items: Packaging, accessories (grinder card, funnel, pick, cleaning equipment, instructions and any other freebies.) Also any 3rd party extras such as water tools and water tool adapters.
Normal wear and tear of the Grizzly Guru, defects caused by wrong handling and misuse including water damage, prolonged sun exposure. Small copper pins which connect the various adapters to the base unit should be handled with care and are not covered on warranty. This warranty does not cover any defects caused with 3rd party products such as 3rd party water pipes.
Dismantling the Grizzly Guru will also void the warranty unless it’s been repaired by an authorised dealership or service partner.
The warranty shall be void if received with any illegal substances.
A warranty claim shall be void if sold through any unauthorised resellers, including and not limited to any internet resellers.

If your Grizzly Guru can not be covered by our warranty, please be aware that we reserve the right to charge any handling fees that occur during any repair. When repairing a Grizzly Guru you can be assured that all parts shall be new or re-conditioned.

Grizzly Originals Liability

This warranty replaces any other oral or written warranties regarding the Grizzly Guru, unless applicable by law. It does not exclude your statutory rights under local laws in the country of purchase. It also doesn’t change any of the rights you have with the authorised and unauthorised seller of the Grizzly Guru. does not assume liability for any and not limited to health, profit, business, product functionality and contractual loss, to the extent permitted by law.

Please use at your own risk! But Enjoy!

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