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Grizzly Originals Card | The best situations to have your Grinder Card

By November 2, 2016The Grizzly Blog

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Hi guys, this is Kory from Namaste Vapes and thanks for checking out today’s post which is more of a review of the Grizzly Originals Steel Grinder Card. This sounds strange right, what on earth is a grinder card. You may have seen them already or not but its a really nifty, wallet-size grinder the size of a business card but with a built in ‘cheese-grater’ style design. It may seem trivial, but its extremely vital that you keep on on you at all times. Here are some very serious situations where you may require one, I really see this as a survival tool more than just a grinder.

Grizzly originals Grinder CardWhy do you need a Grinder Card

1 – You forget where you put your grinder – This happens all the time! Testing out all these vapes is a huge undertaking – all the pressure sometimes makes me forgetful. So sometimes I may misplace my grinder! What happens then when I’m stuck out somewhere, maybe at a film or a play and I have nothing to grind my buds with!?!? Well here’s where the Grizzly Grinder saves the day. Just slide this baby out of that spot in your wallet where things stay hidden, rub your buds along the card and don’t shred your fingers! Simple solution to a serious problem, just keep this in your wallet at all times.

2 – Your out vaping at a bar and a junkie tries to attack you. Luckily you have your Grizzly Grinder card with you. You can use the card which is solid and got a good wait to it as a 420 version of a ninja star to take out your would be attacker. Once he’s unconscious, remove the grinner from his head and rub your buds over the grinder and have a bowl, Keep Calm and Vape On™

3 – Use your grinder card for sorting and sifting while rolling. There are many ways it can come in handy if you’re doing the dirty deed and combusting. The grinder is excellent at acting as a flat edge and has an infinite number of applications here

4 – You will look cool because nobody has seen anything like it before, if you’re like me in your thirties you will look hip and people will wonder where you got it and they will come to NamasteVapes.com and also be cool. Really, these things are a great conversation starter

Hope you guys enjoyed the post all kidding aside the Grizzly Originals Card is produced by some true bad-ass Canadians that have a passion for Grizzly Bears and Vaporizers. They would be very proud of the many uses we find for their product.

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